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A quest for a special sort of Luau

It has been quite a long time since there has been a blog post, but luckily for us we have been so immersed in creating neat things that there has been very little time to actually write about it. Over the weekend  I was tasked with creating a feast for many solely of my own recipes, and not to let this momentous occasion go undocumented it feels like  the right time to add  some content to our own little tiki side of the internet.

For as much as I cook on a daily basis, it took many hours of daydreaming to come up with a cohesive luau menu that would make sense and flow together, and also be mostly vegetarian, and  able to be timed so the cook could hit the cocktails during the party, and not afterwards in a limping mess next to a pile of dishes.  We invited our favorite people that also aren’t afraid to get their grub on, spent the day before busy assembling everything that would not be ruined by a night in the fridge, and managed to pull nearly everything together a clean half hour before the guests arrived.

Our meal comprised of three separate “courses”, an appetizer round, a full spread for dinner, and then a gut busting dessert. You can find all the recipes to everything here. I am not one to actually follow measurements, so writing the actual recipes is tough! Our appetizer course was a mix of veggie dumplings, deconstructed Spam and Sweet Potato sushi, and lots of pickled veggies. For dinner we had Sweet and Sour Lentils on Red Rice, a Singapore style Yam noodle, sweet chili coleslaw and a long smoked Pork sirloin that got a special marinade treatment overnight in the fridge. Desert was a overkill cauldron of White Chocolate Macadamia fondue with a coconut cake and chopped fruit. I can’t recall anyone ever saying they left our house hungry.

The time went by too fast on a beautiful windy February day. Thank goodness for the warm walls and tiki lights we had strung up  for an indoor luau.



Many thanks to the Fraternal Order of the Moai for a great excuse for a party, all of our guest for their contributions and company, and my children for being exceptionally good that day. They must have seen that we were in full court press when it came to party planning. There is nothing finer than cooking the food you love and seeing those you love enjoy it!

And in cased you missed it- link to the recipes!

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