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Congratulations to our friends THE BLOODY JUG BAND!

After seeing this band several times in person and totally loving their work, we have taken every opportunity to participate in events with The Bloody Jug Band. Last fall it was their Jug-Ly Art event at the Peacock Room, and from that came a request to make a killer tip case to artistically suggest that if you want art, you ¬†have to make sure the artists aren’t actually starving. (something we certainly can relate to). After a new record in over doing it, this is what we came up with for the guys (and one pretty lady!)

Achieving the look we wanted required a double thick piece of wood for the lid to really make it 3D while also allowing us to inset the “Tips Appreciated” in the inner lid. The blood dripping down the sides is all carved and it looks so real when you see it that your first instinct is to touch it. We could not have been happier with how it turned out especially knowing that they believe in our work enough to have it on stage every night.

Well it just so happens that today is the official debut of their new CD “Coffin up Blood” at Will’s Pub in Orlando. Every paid entry gets their own copy of the CD, which is a fantastic deal (because I wouldn’t question that the admission is a bargain just for the show!) We hate that work is keeping us away tonight but wish them only the best of luck and a fantastic crowd.

To accompany the album release they also did a fantastic video!



Take the time to peruse their website, with tons of links to their music and merchandise, including specialty merchandise made by us for the people that need some Jug-ly art in their lives- and if you are local come out and see them tonight, it will be a great show!


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