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New Items for Viva!

We are in the fast and furious stage of show preparation but we finally have learned to finish some of our new items early so there is time to preview them. We have been remiss in picture taking sometimes and then they sell before we ever get good documentation. Well not this show! We have many things planned for Vegas with some all new designs and returns of ones that we have not been able to restock since last summer! Here are two of our newest- Pink Elephants & Skullie Nesting Dolls, with details of a DeTiki special down at the bottom!


                                             After this next week of hustle, we are  hoping to come home from Viva with a fistful of orders, and we want to extend the offer to our blog readers too. From now until April 9th, you can reserve a purse and a place in our production que for just a $10 deposit! We are planning an exciting summers worth of shows and we want to stay busy every minute we aren’t on the road. If you need it a couple months down the line that is fine, we are just excited to be busy enough to have to block out time for our clients, and we plan on keeping it that way!

I look forward to sharing many more items this week as they get finished up, no sleep till Viva!

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