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Tall Ku Tiki & Volcano Bar Case

Bar Case with our Tall Ku design with a volcano in the background. Price varies on if design is on one or both sides. Vintage barware and mugs included although may vary from case to case. Lined in felt.

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Hanging at the Cave

We broke away from a flurry of tiki activity last night for the monthly open house at the Cave, owned and hosted by the DeadBeat Motorcult, a local motorcycle club that even though we had many friends in common we only recently discovered their proximity and started hanging out. It does seem like the universe finds a way to bring like minded gear heads together.


The  night went long with tons of awesome people making their way in and out over the course of the evening, along with snacks, beers, feats of balance and skill, and tons of great conversations and laughs. Justin was a motorcycle guy way before we had any old cars, so hanging out in a shop full of cool bikes is sure to reignite that passion. Check out the Deadbeats blog with tons of photos of their events and projects, lots of cool stuff going down! Deadbeat Motorcult

New products in Sunny San Diego- that came and went!

We have been so busy that it feels like Tiki Oasis was just a minute ago, but we are coming onto 3 weeks so time to wrap up with a few pictures of what we had out there. We were so lucky to have such a warm reception from people that really love our work, especially enough to buy it. It is a thrill each time! We had a premium vend spot outside by the pool, and also in front of the Shag store, so we were guaranteed a chance to meet just about everyone. That is just the way we like it- we schlepp the purses a long way to show everyone!


I will be adding the new items into the online shop for an easy checkout right here on the blog. We can always change up colors and other details so if you see something in the photos you like but want to tweak it- let us know!

Many thanks to Baby Doe and Otto and all the other fine folks that put on Tiki Oasis. It is truly an event like no other and we are so grateful that we get to be a part of it. This week will be some new items, some re stocking, and many more addition to both the shop and the Etsy page. We are busy but always looking to get busier!

Tiki Oasis Car show

With our love of old cars I would feel remiss if I didn’t include a ton of photos of the Tiki Oasis Car show. It is the only tiki convention we go to that has one, and it being in California, the rides are top notch. They had the Hula Girls playing through out the day, so Justin and I both made it out there a couple times to check everything out.

Just one last post coming up about Tiki Oasis, because we already have more shows on the agenda to talk about! Lots of new product coming into the online store, and we will be working on some new designs for fall. Hard to believe it’s been 2 weeks since San Diego and we are back at it again with sawdust flying!

Tiki Oasis Fashion Show

We were so lucky to be included again in the Tiki Oasis Vintage Fashion Show. We offered up a matching purse and bar set, and they looked so good on stage, thanks to the hard work of the organizers. This is not just a walk down the runway, they really play it up and dance along to a great soundtrack. Just really perfect for the scene!

Practically could have sold it off the stage with the ooh and aahs it got! And sell it did, although we have all the parts and pieces to make more. Next post will be closeups of some of the new things we made for the show, including one of our most elaborate bar cases yet.

Many thanks to Tiki-Tim for the pictures. I had some similar shots but he really does everyone a service by taking beautiful photos of all the events we go to. Here are some more highlights of the show. Many pieces of fashion I wish I could just clone into my size right that second.


What makes the work worth it

Hard to believe you can start the week on one side of the country, and find yourself with a full day at this treasure on the other coast. We don’t start vending to Saturday so we get Friday to hang out and get acclimated to the event and a chance to talk to our friends and hopefully future customers. The day went by very fast, with us starting the day off by the pool listening to the incredible DJ’s, seeing a swimsuit fashion show, getting all pretty for the night show and the incredible line-up of bands, and then mustering the energy to crawl from party to party getting free liquor. Not a bad to-do list!

I took hundreds of photos but these are my favorite random pictures from that fabulous first day. Also the nights entertainment including the fashion show, that had our purse and bar case in it. Of course that will get a post all its own. I spent hours just talking to new people and past years friends, and it is a true luxury to find ourselves there among like minded tiki freaks! The room crawls and parties defy imagination. You see bands, get boozed up by the best mixologists around, you stand in line for hours going from elevator to room to room and many times you will find a band in there too. I don’t even know if I could ever really describe what a spectacle this all is, solely for the love of partying to a poly-pop interpretation of ancient islanders religion.

We’ve met the fine folks behind Lost in Paradise, and they have some neat well produced segments of the days events. Worth the watch!

Lost in Paradise

Tomorrow the Fashion Show post. Some great pictures and they made our stuff look great!

Back at the Bali Hai!


















We are finally back home from our grand adventure to Tiki Oasis in San Diego, and after a whirlwind 4 days we are just now starting to process all the fun that was had with our tiki loving Ohana. I figure the best way to start what will be a week of blogging is by our first big stop of our trip, the Bali Hai’s Thursday night kick off party!

We quickly checked into our room to get freshened up before going out and greeting the people filtering into the Hanalei Hotel. We scored a wicked wedding set for a ridiculously low price on Etsy, and the Bali Hai was the perfect place to take it out, even if it was the first night. After all, being next to the big guy is the photo op we fly cross country for. Celebrities have chosen this spot too!

Jimmy Durante at the same spot!


First stop before the Bali Hai though was Trader Mort’s, also on Shelter Island. An iconic location and a chance to stock up on room drinks…perfect!




















































































Our time at the Bali Hai was quite the blur, thanks to the very stiff drinks and the bands and burlesque going on. The first night of any of these shows is quite the catch up session with all your friends, except this time you get to look at the gorgeous San Diego Skyline.

The Bali Hai purse meets its inspiration again. And another drink for a friend.

King Kukulele opens the night!

Burlesque by Pink Feathers

What a view!

There are so many more pictures to share of our big trip, including some of new items made for the show that found new homes (but we can make more!) If we met you for the first time in San Diego then welcome to our blog! There will be lots to see on here this week!

Live at Tiki Oasis


First mobile blog post! If you are in San Diego come on out. Lots of vendors and free to get in!

Sneak Peeks!

We are putting the finishing touches on everything and starting to load our precious cargo into suitcases, but I took some time from the happy chaos to take some pictures of our newest work. These are just the new ones that currently have handles, we can’t wait to show off everything new in San Diego!

Hanalei Hotel Purse...celebrate the hotel that Tiki Oasis calls home

The Camp Fizzy- now in red. Loving it in this color!

Our Skullie Flower purse- the original was a custom order, so the first time we have had one for sale at a show.

Latest in our Tiki Tribute series...our TIKI GARDENS purse. A lost Florida gem

Back of the TIki Gardens one, and yes, both tikis are based off ones that were in the gardens.

Tiki Modern now in all wood toned. Looks even richer in person.

Our first Mermaid Purse! Happy as a clam next to an oyster.

We will have several bar cases and some new lamps too. Now just to get all this stuff packed up and get ourselves to Tiki Oasis!

Introducing our Online Store!













We are always pleasantly surprised by how many people have seen our online listings on our Etsy and Ebay pages, but our goal for a very long time was to have a fully functional online store for direct ordering. We are still expanding it daily, but we are proud to announce that you can now find many of our purses and some of our tikis in our catalog page on this site. Click on the Online Store button and it will take you right too it.

Each listing is different, with many purses having the option to choose different colors than what is pictured. It will take you through every step including checkout nice and easy. We will still be making most of them custom at time of purchase so expect an email from us to finalize all details (since you should always be able to get exactly what you want!) but any ease of navigation is a plus in my book! There will be tons of new listings in the next few weeks too. If you don’t see what you want, always contact us directly at We have never gotten a request we haven’t been able to pull off, and we love doing them!!

To celebrate this new feature we are offering the same special we are giving our Tiki Oasis customers that we get to see in a few short days. Place any purse or bar case order  today through 8/22/2011 and we will send along a t-shirt with your order! We would love to come home to a list of new work to do that will keep us going through the next month or two- so we are ready to sweeten the deal. Choose from the new store or contact us direct!

Today purses are getting their hardware and almost ready for their pictures and sneak peeks. Looking forward to some wicked new things  to show off in Cali!