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Tall Ku Tiki & Volcano Bar Case

Bar Case with our Tall Ku design with a volcano in the background. Price varies on if design is on one or both sides. Vintage barware and mugs included although may vary from case to case. Lined in felt.

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Devil’s Brew Bar Case

Devil’s Brew Moonshine case. The devil with his brew on one side and the title on the other. Comes with mason jars for cups and a shaker, and a church key and stirrer to mix it all up. Measures 11x10x5 inches.

Order Devil's Brew Case Devil's Brew Case @ $199.99

Man’s Ruin BarCase

Man’s Ruin barcase, with a wicked woman and a whole front carving of sin. Lined in green felt and comes with vintage gaming themed bar tools, a shaker and martini glasses. Measures 12x13x5 inches.

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Deluxe Headhunter Barcase

Our super deluxe version of our Headhunter Barcase. Carved on both sides and makes a fabulous scene when opened and facing your guests. Comes with vintage barrel mugs, tools and a shaker. Lined in felt. Measures 12x13x5 inches.

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