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Frankenstein’s Monster


Frankenstein’s Monster Mask. 24 Inches, burned and grain and made of white pine. Hanger will allow it to be mounted flush to the wall.


Order Monster Mask 24" Frankenstein's Monster Mask @ $100.00

Tall Ku Tiki & Volcano Bar Case

Bar Case with our Tall Ku design with a volcano in the background. Price varies on if design is on one or both sides. Vintage barware and mugs included although may vary from case to case. Lined in felt.

Order Tall Ku Barcase

The blinding beacon of internal combustion

After a twinge of disappointment on Saturday that the engine was not ready yet, we got the news we were hoping for on Monday. After a week of dedicated work by Daytona Auto Designing, the men went to pick up an engine that had not looked this good since it rolled off the line in 1964. We had everything done to it that you can get done. The crack was welded, it was magnafluxed and hot tanked, lifters replaced, all new gaskets, and everything else gone over to make sure the condition was good.

Here it comes…get ready for it…


I don’t think the guys had been that close to tears since the last time any of them had watched Old Yeller or Brian’s Song. They collectively went silent, in awe of its magnificence. So shiny! So Perfect! Scott went into immediate plans to try and sneak it into his Fairlane, and the rest of us stood by it like a happy family looking at a brand new baby at the hospital nursery.

The next night we painted it. Justin chose Ford Red, and gives me dirty looks anytime I call it the power tomato.

Tonight we start putting it back in, hopefully finishing it by Friday and driving it home. But its going to take as long as it takes, and we aren’t going to rush it. We are just so happy to be giving such a neat car that suits us so well a new life. Another update tomorrow morning!

Devil’s Brew Bar Case

Devil’s Brew Moonshine case. The devil with his brew on one side and the title on the other. Comes with mason jars for cups and a shaker, and a church key and stirrer to mix it all up. Measures 11x10x5 inches.

Order Devil's Brew Case Devil's Brew Case @ $199.99

Man’s Ruin BarCase

Man’s Ruin barcase, with a wicked woman and a whole front carving of sin. Lined in green felt and comes with vintage gaming themed bar tools, a shaker and martini glasses. Measures 12x13x5 inches.

Order Man's Ruin Barcase


Our homage to one of the lost tiki temples, the AKU AKU in Las Vegas. Formerly connected to the Stardust Casino, this is our take on the actual sign and moai that sat out front. Choice of handle and hardware, lined in felt. Measures 7x5x3.5

Order Aku Aku Purse Aku Aku Purse @ $149.99

Camp Fizzy Purse

Cutest little teardrop trailer flanked by pink flamingos. Choice of color, hardware and handle. Lined in felt. Measures 7x5x3.5 inches

Order Camp Fizzy Purse

Butterfly Purse

Single butterfly with a boho feel and choice of color scheme and hardware and handle. Lined in felt. Measures 7x5x3.5

Order Butterfly Single Purse

Kitty Kat Trio Purse

Our newest Kitty Cat purse, this time with 3 mod kitties all with matching scarves. This one is purple but we can customize it any color. Choice of hardware and handle. Lined in Felt. Measures 7x5x3.5 inches.

Order Kitty Kat Trio

Tiki Modern Natural Purse

Our Tiki Modern purse with all masks in a deep two toned natural wood stain. Chose of handle and hardware. Side opening. Lined in felt.

Order TIki Modern Natural